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April Edition Golf Chick

April Edition Golf Chick


Wednesday is the new Sunday

This year’s Turkish Ladies Open will be the first tournament on any major golf tour to finish on a Wednesday, in a pioneering move aimed at boosting the profile of women’s golf.

Breaking with the traditional Sunday finish will ensure that the tournament receives extended live television coverage on Sky Sports and Golf Channel and will be watched in more than 50 countries.

“The Ladies European Tour (LET) strategy includes exploring new ways to provide maximum exposure to women's golf, widening the fan base beyond traditional golf fans, reflecting the reality of changed consumer behaviours and avoiding busy weekends which are over populated with so many sports,” said the LET’s CEO Ivan Khodabahksh.

The President of National Golf Club, Dr Bulent Göktuna, recently shook hands to an equal stake joint venture with Mr. Fikret Özturk, the Chairman of Opet and Regnum Carya Golf & Spa Resort. The tournament will now alternate annually between the National where it has been played six times since 2008 and Carya Golf Club, where it will be played for the first time this year.

Dr Bulent Göktuna, the Chairman of Mineks International commented: “Our ambition is to put the event on to the world stage. The Wednesday finish is unique for all, but will have a massive effect on the TV exposure worldwide.”

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